Liverpool University is home to the Science Fiction Hub , Europe’s largest catalogued collection of SF material as well as Liverpool University Press Science Fiction Texts and Studies. Olaf Stapledon studied and taught there.

Liverpool’s John Moore’s University is the alma mater of Ramsey Campbell, while Clive Barker and Doug Bradley met as teenagers in the former Quarry Bank High School. Local YA and children’s genre authors born in Liverpool include Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall series, John Christopher, who was born in Knowsley,  Monica Hughes, and contemporary authors Robin Jarvis, J. V. Jones, and Stephen Baxter.

Actors Jason Isaacs, Malcom Macdowell and Craig Charles where born locally. The latter went on to work on Red Dwarf with Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, who concocted the show at a local pub. But Doctor Who fans in particular can thank the city for producing two Doctors, Tom Baker and Paul McGann; two companions, Elizabeth Sladen and Maureen O’Brien; David Morrisey, who appeared as The Next Doctor, and writer Gareth Roberts.

The city is a popular film location, films short there include The Dark Knight, Fantastic Beasts (NYC), Deathly Hallows, Sherlock Holmes, Tolkien, and Houdini and Doyle.


The List

Critical Hit Games Café

Level Up: Grand Central Shopping Centre – Retro Gaming

Sugar and Dice: Board Game Cafe

Worlds Apart (Forbidden Planet Associate Store)



Henry Bohn Books: Second-hand books

Reid of Liverpool



Area 51 Laser Quest

Breakout Liverpool: Escape Room

Clue Finders: Escape Room

Exit Strategy: Escape Room

Gamescape: Escape Room

Ghoulies Haunted House

Horizon E-Sport Club


Laser Combat Liverpool

Route 66 Drive-In Cinema

Tick Tock Unlock: Escape Room



Walker Art Gallery; Preraphaelites

Zombie Infection: Escape Room