London – Camden

Camden is the home to major museums and transport links, so it has a lot going on anyway. But it is a must visit for any nerd in the city-who most likely will pass through a train/tube station there anyway.

The area has a rich cultural history; you can find plaques to Yeats, Plath, Thomas, Rosetti, Burne-Jones, and Darwin, as well as museums and societies for Dickens and Keats, among many others. Of genre interest are the plaque for fantasist George MacDonald (mentor of Lewis).

The Camden markets have something for everyone, including a lot of pop culture, alternative, and nerdy vendors and shops.

Highgate Cemetery is reputedly haunted, and has been the setting of books and stories. But that aside it is the final resting place of Douglas Adams, Christina Rosetti, Michael Faraday, and Stella Gibbons.

Given its central London location it appears in a host of genre books and movies, I will listed them separately, but of note; Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Hampstead Heath), and Batman (St. Pancras). The Camden Deep-level shelter had appeared in Doctor Who, Survivors, and Blake’s 7.

The List

The Cartoon Museum

Forbidden Planet London Megastore

Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾: In the King’s Cross Station Concourse

Impuzzled: Collectible film, game, and to action figures in Camden Market

Mega City Comics

Millennia: Pop culture toys and collectibles in Camden Market.

Monkey’s Emporium: Retro collectibles in Camden Market.

Orc’s Nest: Central London’s only dedicated specialist games shop.



London Review Bookshop: Bookshop and cafe.

Secondhand Books: Used books in Camden Market



Nerd friendly and nerd-adjacent

Black Widow: Corsetry, goth, and steampunk fashion.

The British Library

Cyberdog: Futuristic clubwear in Camden. Worth the visit for the Giant Robot entrance.

Hidden London Euston Tour: TFL tours of disused and secret locations.

Highgate Cemetery: Final resting place of many authors.

The Magic Circle

Moomin and Littlephant: Scandinavian toys and decor in Camden Market