London — Lambeth

The South Bank area of Lambeth in particular, with landmarks like the London Eye, will be familiar from their many appearances in genre film and television, including Thor: The Dark World and cult classic Blake’s 7

Brixton has a great music history, including as the birthplace of the starman himself, David Bowie. There are plans for a permanent memorial there.

There is a regular meetup for Work in Progress Comics, for the graphically inclined.

The Bread & Roses Theatre hosts the Talos Science Fiction Theatre Festival of London, returning March 2018.


The List

Dark Sphere: Tabletop, card, and miniatures shop.

Scott’s Collectables: Comics and cards. By Appointment only.


Book shops

Bookmongers: Second hand books

Foyles Royal Festival Hall

Southbank Centre Book Market

Clapham Books


WH Smith



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