Manchester is a UNESCO City of Literature, along with Norwich and Nottingham. Anthony Burgess called it home and is commemorated with a blue plaque, Jeff Noon set several novels in a future/alternative version of the city, and the city is full of bookstores, libraries, and literary events.

Alan Turing became Deputy Director of the Computing Laboratory at the university in the 1950s working on the pioneering Manchester Ferranti Mark 1. Today he has a building named after him there.

The justly famous architecture has made it an ideal filming location for period pieces including Captain America: The First Avenger and several iterations of Sherlock Holmes. Trhe adaptation of China Mieville’s The City and the City is set to begin filming soon.

Big Toes: Anime, lolita, and cosplay fashion.

Card Empire: Card store in Affleks

Fan Boy 3: Organised play gaming store & boardgame café

Forbidden Planet International: Pop entertainment & comic retailer

Retro Play: Retro games and toys.

Starwars Man: Figurine and toys

Travelling Man: Comic & board games store