Nottingham is famous for its Robin Hood associations, of course. It is also a UNESCO City of Literature. WFA winner Graham Joyce taught at the University until his death in 2014.

It is the home to Angry Robot Books and the annual Novacon convention. Games Workshop and its Warhammer World visitor center are a couple of miles from the city centre.

Wollaton Hall played the role of stately Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises, Gotham itself is a few miles down the road and you can spot a nod to the caped crusader in their village monument.



Chimera: Comics and game store.

Games Workshop: Miniature wargaming company. (see also Warhammer World below)

Mondo Comico: Comic book shop.

Page 45: Comics and Graphic Novel Shop.

Warhammer World: Games Workshop’s visitor centre.



The National Videogame Arcade

That Game Shop: Videogame retail and repair.



Bookwise: Second hand books, raising funds for Music for Everyone.

Five Leaves: Indie, LGBT, radical bookstore.

Ideas on Paper: Indie magazines and books.

Jerry and Westerman: Second hand books.

Waterstones: Nottingham location of the national book chain.

WH Smith: The national chain has two locations in the city; Listergate and Victoria Centre.