Board in the City: This tabletop gaming cafe is a community interest charity so you can feel good while gaming. They organise events and have coffee, food, and alcohol available as well.

Forbidden Planet Megastore: Part of the famous chain, here to supply your comic, game, book, toy, and accessory needs

The Hobbit Pub: Home of The Fellowship drink challenge.

Piecaramba: Coming soon to Carlton Place!

The Retro Hut Game Exchange: Little shop of retro and vintage games, toys and other random stuff. The full-size dalek outside is a dead giveaway as to what to expect.

Warhammer Southampton: Games Workshop shop on East Street.

Nerd-friendly and nerd-adjacent;

The Alex Pub: Retro gaming, Star Wars pinball, quiz night, cult movie decor… this pub also does live music and live sports, but is definitely on the nerd spectrum.

Disney Store: Ground floor in the Marlands shopping center.

GAME: Southampton location for the video game retail chain.

HMV: Southampton location for the DVD retail chain, which also carries some video games, books and comics, as well as toys and accessories.

Hollywood Just for Fun: Mainstream costume shop, but still handy for those last minute cosplay accessories.

Rockbottom Toystore: Slightly confusing store of off-brand/remaindered toys plus a costume section. Upstairs in the Marlands.

Toys R Us: As long as you aren’t looking for anything too obscure this is your toy destination. They also has a small selection of video games and CCGs.

Waterstones Above Bar: The smaller Watersones on the High Street has a Science Fiction reading group, plus it sells several CCGs including Star Wars Destiny.

Waterstones West Quay: The large Waterstones in the West Quay has a nice SF section, plus games and YA. Plus it has a cafe and is near the new Showcase Cinema.